Rollins going all in with prediction

It’s like a 60-win team in the NBA.  Or maybe a 14-win team in the NFL.  Once every couple of years, a Major League Baseball team hits the 100-win mark.

Jimmy Rollins believes his team can win 100 games in 2011.

This year, according to veteran shortstop Jimmy Rollins, the Philadelphia Phillies will reach that milestone.

“We’ll win 100 games,” Rollins said.  “I really plan on going after, what is it, Seattle won 114 or something?  We’ll go get somewhere hopefully in that range.  But that requires everybody doing their job.”

It’s quite a bold prediction, especially since the NL East is slowly becoming one of the most fearsome divisions in the league.

Even the Washington Nationals, perennial cellar dwellers since their move to the nation’s capital, have bolstered their lineup with former Phillie Jayson Werth.  Also new to the mix this year for Washington is Adam LaRoche, who hit 25 homeruns and drove in 100 RBIs last season in Arizona.  Phenom Bryce Harper might also make his debut later this season.

Still, though, the Phillies are highly favored to win the NL East.  With perhaps the most intimidating starting rotation in the history of the game, the beast of the east will surely emerge in Philadelphia.

If Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee, Cole Hamels, and Roy Oswalt can each stay healthy for the duration of the season, I can definitely see each of them winning between 15-18 games apiece.  There’s a good chance at least two of them will win 20+.

But that, my friends, hardly adds up to 100 wins.  And although Joe Blanton, the less heralded fifth starter, could add on a dozen or so wins, there’s still the chance of Philadelphia’s shaky bullpen to blow a number of games.

Saying your team is going to win at least 100 games is a nice way to fire up your team, but Rollins and company will need to not only play at an exceptional level year round, but battle a new and improved NL East as well.


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